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What is TAG?

Did you know that the can opener was invented nearly 15 years after the invention of the tin can?  While hard to believe, it's true.

Year after year, people struggled mightily to respond to the challenge of opening tin cans by using a hammer and a screwdriver, or a knife.  Can you imagine a more awkward, uncreative, dangerous, and time wasting solution to a relatively simple challenge?  Along came the can opener, transforming how the world accessed food stored in cans.  It's simply amazing how much difference the right tool made!!

Young people, like yourself, are faced with challenges every day of their lives ... and like those who struggled to open up the tin can, in the decade immediately following its invention, you may be struggling in the game of life using the wrong tools to solve the problems and challenges with which you are faced. That's what TAG! YOU'RE IT is all about. It is an invitation to create and play the GAME FOR GREATNESS.  It is an interactive website developed to provide you with a toolkit that will help you to invent yourself, take control of your life, and meet the challenges before you. 

TAG is a blueprint for personal success, one that includes positive Action Steps and a host of constructive game tips from Coach Ransom, created to help you intentionally design a life of greatness in the four following categories: Brain, Body, Relationships and Purpose.

We believe in you!  We believe you are part of the most talented and inventive generation in history... and we challenge you to prove us right.  We want to help you use your own personal interests, passions, and gifts to design your own life journey.  Through proven strategies and helpful hints, we want to guide you in inventing new ways to set your goals and ultimately achieve them. If you are up for this challenge, we are willing to help you.  By entering the world of TAG you are signing on to a partnership with us that can change your life. So, START NOW! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Be warned, however, that entering this site could be dangerous! It could transform your life forever!

With Great Confidence In You,

Michael Peterson
TAG Founder
Larry Ransom
TAG Founder and Coach